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We love our catchy name, but we won’t ever trick or deceive you.

The Hornswoggle Shop grew out of our frustration with the outrageous and misleading claims of so many skincare influencers and beauty gurus offerings on the internet. Founded in 2021 as a Portsmouth based Clean Beauty, and cruelty-free, vegan skincare company.


We believe that your skincare choices matter. 



 Our products are carefully handpicked for their quality, healthy ingredients, and extraordinary results.
The Pandemic gave us the time to painstakingly research and hand-pick organic, and all natural healthy ingredients that are paraben-free, sulfate-free and most importantly to our brand, cruelty-free. 
Our focus is around solving skincare problems using clean beauty, so you never have  to worry about what harmful chemicals might be lurking in your skincare products. 
Hornswoggle invites you to slow down and take a few minutes to pamper yourself, so you can fully be there for others.


We are proud to offer you a unique returns policy that reflects how confident we are that you will love our products as well as our regard for the environment.




Sustainability and Transparency

We accelerate your access to transparent, clean sustainable skincare and beauty products.

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No animals had to suffer to produce this product.

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Sulafate is another name for Palm Oil. To make room for palm oil crops, Critical habitat for orangutans and many endangered species.

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Scientific research has linked the use of Parabens to a multitude of health problems. Among them, breast cancer.

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